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CBD Vape Oil Cartridge


The 101 CBD Vape Oil Cartridge includes a vape cartridge fully loaded with the best CBD available.

Our CBD Vape Oil is 100% organic, solvent free, pure, strong and effective. Alleviate pain, anxiety and inflammation, boost your mood, and more!

Give it a try! Your aches, pains and mood will thank you!


The 101 CBD Vape Oil Cartridge comes filled to the brim with the best CBD juice in the market. This CBD vape cartridge will fit any standard vape pen and will surely give you that quick, effective solution you’re looking for without all of the junk your body doesn’t need.

From the hills of Spain, our hemp is grown without herbicides and pesticides. Through our one-of-a-kind super-critical extraction process, the resulting CBD is higher concentrate and clean from solvents and debris, leaving our oil a beautiful, clean light amber color and strong as hell.

This is 100% CBD so there are no psychoactive properties (i.e. it won’t get you “high”). Without THC, our CBD Vape Oil Kit addresses a vast list of health benefits. From anti-anxiety to mood enhancers, anti-inflammatory to sleep aids, pain relief to anti-seizure, CBD is quickly being recognized as one of the most effective, natural ways to heal many of the common ailments humans face each day.

Give our 101 CBD Vape Oil Cartridge a try. With virtually no side effects, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

For a full CBD Vape Oil Kit, pen, charger, cartridge and oil included, click here.

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Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in

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